1) Easy to locate!

Unlike many tracks these days, Sunshine State Mx is located right off the interstate. You take either a left or a right off the interstate depending on which way you are traveling and the track is 5 miles on the left!

2) They have hookups.

Leave those generators at home. Sunshine State Mx has multiple hookups for you while you stay and train.

3) They have four tracks.

Yup! That’s is right! Sunshine State Mx has four tracks: two corner track, an AX tracks, and a rough motocross track. Training for Loretta Lynn’s? They have the facilities you need. Training for Mini Os? They can hook you up.

4) They have trainers for you on and off the bike.

During your stay, Martin Canfield can help take your riding to the next level on the track, while Williams Performance can help make sure you are in the best shape of your life off the track. Plus, we get high fives from professor Canfield himself.

5) Sunshine State Mx produces Champions.

Sunshine State Mx is home to multi-time Loretta Lynn’s champion Jazzmyn Canfield along with riders such as Jaryn Williams.

6) Blue Springs is close by.

After clicking off some long motos, you can drive down the road to Blue Springs. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too, the water is freezing! Make sure to just jump in; otherwise you may talk yourself out of it.

You are talked into it now. Right?! Well whether you are ready to start training or you are still on the fence, you can get more details by “liking” their like page and following them on Instagram. You can also contact Sunshine State Mx at (386) 848- 2669.