Last Sunday, my dad and I were driving home from a good practice session at Talking Rock Arena, a motocross track located near Ellijay, Georgia, and we had this brilliant idea that I should road trip down to Gatorback Motocross for the 2015 Mini O’s after Thanksgiving dinner. A few days later, I found myself standing by the fence watching some of the best racing of the week and taking photos for Chix Mx. Here is who I found to be the most memorable riders of the week, and the ones to look out for in 2016.

Aspen Neely

Jumping up on 250’s only just a few days before Mini O’s, Aspen Neely showed her true ability and talent on big bikes in both Supercross and Motocross. While suffering a crash in the second moto of the Motocross portion, Neely still managed to grasp a top ten for the week. The GPF rider is definitely a rider to watch out for in 2016.

Sissy Livingston

Hailing all the way from Tennessee, Sissy Livingston put in strong motos all week. With a podium in supercross, she battled both motos in the Girl’s 9-11 class in motocross coming out with a 4th Overall. I’ve been watching this young girl for a while, and the girl steps it up every time she is on the track.

Katie Benson

Katie Benson made a sweep in the Girl’s 9-11 class in both motocross and supercross winning all four motos. Though, the week didn’t just end there for her. She also battled it out in the 85 9-11 boys class finishing with a 7th in Supercross and 6th in Motocross. She’s a girl to look out for in 2016, because she is taking it by a storm.

Jordan Jarvis

While I saw many impressive rides throughout my time there, Jordan Jarvis had some of the most memorable ones of the week. Not only did she ride superminis in the Girl’s 12-16 class, but she also rode big bikes in the Women’s +14. Battling it out in the second moto of supercross, Jarvis took home the championship, and fought all the way to the finish line in motocross taking an impressive 2nd place. Equally impressive, she clinched a 3rd in supercross and 2nd in motocross in the Women’s +14. If you want to keep an eye out for the future of Women’s Motocross, Jordan is the rider to watch…

Hannah Hodges

While Hannah’s riding says it all for herself, she had a stellar ride all week in both the Women’s +14 and the Girl’s 12-16 class. Clinching the Girl’s 12-16 championship in motocross, she also had an impressive battle in the second Women’s class moto with Kylie Fasnacht. She ended her week with a 1st in the Girl’s 12-16, 3rd in Women’s and 6th in Supermini for Motocross, and two 4ths in both Women’s and Girl’s for supercross. Rumor has it Hodges is jumping up to 250’s for 2016…

Jazzmyn Canfield

Coming off a championship in the Girl’s 9-13 class at Loretta’s, Jazzmyn made her supermini debut at Mini O’s. Rounding her week out with a 3rd in supercross and a 4th in motocross, Jazzmyn has big things coming in 2016.